Carmelina - Pop Recording artist




Carmelina is an independent Dance/Pop singer, songwriter and a warrior against Breast Cancer.  The daughter of a Merengue musician and born in Barahona, Dominican Republic, she now lives and works in New York City. 


Carmelina released “Alegria" (Joy) via (Morena Records), the hip-shaking, Dance/Pop single which hit the airwaves on B95 KBOS in Fresno, CA, 98.7 AMP Radio WDZH in Detroit, MI, 95.7 The Beat KPAT in Santa Maria, CA, 106.9 K-HITS KHTT FM in Tulsa, OK, WHYI Y100 in Miami and on Promo Only.


Carmelina was honored (April 2013) with El Diario La Prensa’s “Latinas Destacadas” award for 2013.  El Diario NY is the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the country and celebrated its 100th Anniversary in April 2013.

In the Spring of 2013, Carmelina collaborated with DJ Creativity on "Looking For Love [charted #205 on independent Top 40 Radio], and the Spanish Remix "Buscando Amor" (32 Track Productions), both EDM/House tracks with a Big Room feel.


In the Summer of 2013, Carmelina also collaborated with multi-platinum rapper, Sacario for "Alegria Remix" (Morena Records).  "Alegria Remix" and it received consistent airplay on Top 40 Radio.


On November 2013, Carmelina's released a brand new horn-blaring dance track "Come Back To Me" and has received significant, Top 40 commercial radio airplay in Miami, California, Texas and New York.


In early 2014, Carmelina collaborated with Grammy-nominated, producer and Remixer, DJ Mike Rizzo for her dance single "Come Back To Me" (Funk Generation​/H3dRush Club Mix).


In the Summer of 2014, Carmelina released "Born To Win" (Morena Records) with her intoxicating voice and tremendous Top 40/R&B feel, it should come as no surprise that the official new single “Born To Win” which caused quite a buzz and has become a strong anthem. 


"Born To Win” combines the battle of the fight of the spirit and to be recognized in the music industry.  "Born To Win" had an exclusive version sent to 100 djs and it debuted on KSXY and KPAT in California with a high interest for TV/Film licensing. 


In late 2014, Carmelina collaborated with Grammy-nominated and rap legend, AZ for the "Born To Win" Remix.  


On March 9, 2015, Carmelina returned to the EDM/Dance world with a new single "Time For Love", produced by DJ Ken Rock, who is from Shanghai, China and is well known for djing clubs in Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as the USA.

It's Summer 2015 and Carmelina sizzles with her heated, dancehall "Selecta" featuring one of the new leaders in the US Reggae movement, Mighty Mystic!


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