TP Corleone

"Even though my culture influences my artistry very much, I wouldn't say it defines it because as an artist and an evolving human being, I like to stretch out and reach for the next level of creativity.  Sometimes that next level may be at a place that my culture and roots haven't yet explored."  -- TP Corleone


 TP Corleone


"My favorite part is for a fan to tell me my music helped him get through a tough period in their life or has influenced them positive in any way." -- Thru


"My style of rap would be considered reality rap...The Hip-Hop culture is most important because without the culture no one would know the music, the language, or the force that drives the messages we convey. It's synonymous to my brand, because culture is the way we live and the way I live is based on REALITY!" --Starkim



DJ Mesta

"I started with HipHop. Then moved to London where I was influenced by Jamaican, Caribbean and African culture. That's how I eventually picked up on Reggaeton, breaking it in Italy. Later getting involved in the Naija music scene...DJ Mesta breaks trends." - DJ Mesta

DJ Mesta

Stella Lucchi Jewelry

"My dedication to building my own jewelry line has changed my life because it has given me purpose. I make something out of nothing - I identify myself as a jewelry designer. For me, creating a piece of jewelry is a spiritual experience. It is done with prayer and thoughtfully." -- Luz Barbosa, Chief Visionary Officer at Stella Lucchi 



It isn't really "Our" culture that defines us I think. Having a dutch foundation sounds like a success story, but it is hard work and dedication. It does open doors, but it isn't enough. We got a lot of inspiration from American producers than we do from the famous Dutch DJ's."  - NSANITY



DJ Furious

"Music is like therapy for me.  It is like medicine to me.  When i am down, I turn to my music for strength and it helps me stay focused.  I can't imagine being without my music."  -- DJ Furious

Attention: Artists, DJs, Producers


Attention: Artists, DJs, Producers

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