DJ Mesta

DJ Mesta


Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and what inspired you to become a professional DJ and who has been your biggest influence in your life? Everything I hear is an influence and everybody who is successful, is. I'm constantly influenced, that's what being in tune means to me. 

1.  Where are you from and how long have you been DJing? I'm from Italy, I've been djing since real vinyl was around. 

2.  Who taught you how to DJ and what type of music do you spin? I learned djing mainly by watching other djs spinning live or through video footage. At first it was strictly hiphop djs. Urban djing is the most complete dj style. I started with HipHop. Then moved to London where I was influenced by Jamaican, Caribbean and African culture. That's how I eventually picked up on Reggaeton, breaking it in Italy. Later getting involved in the Naija music scene. Moving on I started messing with all electronic/dance music and getting familiar with those djs and their style.  Now I'm back into Urban Music and Reggaeton, but with a broaden and pretty unique vision. 

3.  Is your culture important and does it define your sound? Of course, being Italians a sort of "latin" people that's why I always felt enthusiastic about Reggaeton. It's closer to us. 

4.  How has music changed your life? Music is my life. It didn't change it, it just made it what it is. 


DJ Mesta

5.  What kind of services do you provide, wedding, clubs, venues? I'm an international club specialist. I basically can spin everywhere.  And I've done every format from festivals to private parties. From vip top clubs to underground  ghetto spots. Djed in the snow as well as on beaches, with the waves a couple of meters away from me. Mixtapes, radio, TV..  I'm  that dj! 

6.  Do you produce and work with other artists to expand your brand? Sure, I like to produce with artists I feel. My biggest collaboration as of today is with 2 time Grammy winner Fatman Scoop, which to me is even bigger than that because nobody ever did it better than him when it comes to set a party on fire just with a mic. 

7.  What is your favorite part about what you do? That I was the one to choose it. And travelling of course. Nothing better out there than to discover the beauty of our vast and diverse world and meet its extraordinary  people. 


DJ Mesta

8.  Where can we find you? Do you have sets or links where we can buy your music? ITunes,  Soundcloud, YouTube  ..just add /djmesta 

Twitter: @djmesta 

9. What advice would you give to someone who aspires to be like you? Be ready to pay the price and stay consistent. Focused. Determined. Stay humble. 

10. Is there something else you'd like to share with us? At this moment in time I've reached a level I'm finally proud of. Im to the point where I created a style, developing my own techniques and tricks. Innovative mixing. Something unique. DJS play records. Real djs break them. Dj Mesta breaks trends.


New! DJ Mesta "Fullblast Radio and TV show" soon from Italy!


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